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Davis Dyslexia Center

    Dee White of the Davis Dyslexia Center asked me if I would write to you and tell you about our experience with the Davis Method and how it applied to the home school environment. I readily agreed to do this as I can truly say that the Davis Method changed our life in so many wonderful ways.

 Prior to going to the Davis Center, my ten year old son Ted had been in a variety of remediation, speech, and educational therapy programs with very little success.  We had spent over $25,000.00 on these programs and he wasn't even close to working at grade level.  In fact, he was always at least two years behind even though we knew his intelligence was well above normal.

 In January 2002, Ted went through the Davis program and the positive changes in him were apparent immediately.  During those first few days, his speech improved, his attention ( always a problem before ) was more focused, and he wanted to read  to me ( he had never volunteered to read before ). I was also trained at the Davis Center during the five days that we were there.  For the first time, I was able to understand how my son learned and how I could help him be successful.  We continued the remainder of the program at home, incorporating it easily into our school day. We completed the Davis Symbol Mastery List in six months and the changes in my son were phenomenal.  Ted's reading level jumped more than two years and he is now working at grade level in all areas ( showing great strength in science and math). He can also, for the first time, remain focused for long periods of time ( many experts had advised medication- something we never wanted to do ) and complete his work.  Most importantly, Ted feels very capable now and knows that he can learn anything.

I would be happy to discuss our experience with the Davis Program with any other homeschoolers.

Madeleine Ziemba

Davis Dyslexia Center
1601 Bayshore Highway, Suite 260
Burlingame, CA  94010-1508