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Vision Therapy

Fall 1994


    Once again, as parents making choices for our children's education, we need to be informed. Vision Therapy is one of those resources which we as parents need to carefully consider. It has helped some families tremendously......yet others have told us it was a rip off. They felt they were "taken to the cleaners for thousands of dollars......" with no obvious improvement in their child. On this page are some characteristics which you may observe in your child. We feel that all children display some of these traits at one time or another, but the question would remain whether enough of them are taking place often enough to warrant going in the Vision Therapy direction. (These symptoms were taken from Learning In Spite of Labels by Joyce Herzog)


Become quietly observant of your child. When he does close up work, does he:

  • Hold the paper too close or at an odd angle?

  • Tilt his head or contort his body?

  • Let his hair hand over one eye?

  • Rub his eyesore squint or blink frequently?

  • Reread, lose his place, or skip lines?

  • Contort his face of grind his teeth?

  • Hide one eye behind a hand?

  • Stop frequently to look away and back again?

  • Sit at an odd angle?

  • Have difficulty copying?

  • Have more problems the longer he reads?

  • Hold an arm or wrist between one eye and his work?

  • Complain of words jumping or disappearing?

  • Push up one cheek so that eye can't see?

  • Hold the paper too far from his head?

  • Twist and wriggle continually?

  • Daydream?

  • Show inconsistency (knows a word, but not when it is repeated on the next line or page)?

From Observable Symptoms to Remediations

by Sister Sibyllina Mueller, O.P. ( Mennonite Press, Inc.)

Art of Learning Center

201 South Millwood, Wichita, KS 67213

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