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Shepherds College

Turning Disabilities Into Capabilities

Shepherds Ministries, a nationally recognized organization founded on Jeremiah 23:4, provides compassionate Christian care, vocational education and job opportunities for adults with developmental disabilities, helping them attain Appropriate Independence with fulfilling jobs and lives, while also providing for their spiritual development

"Shepherds Ministries has been life-changing for our family. It has given our boys hope and a place to grow and develop that is Christ-centered, loving and supportive."

For adults with developmental disabilities and their families, Shepherds' case managers, living skills instructors, nurse, consultants, teachers, work supervisors and administrative staff provide a future and a hope.

Shepherds College is a post secondary educational institution designed to help people with developmental disabilities make the transition from school to work and from home to independent living. The educational experience will include three important components:

Life Skills Training: The transition to independent living requires success in several basic areas of personal competency. Courses will include daily living skills, functional academics, mobility skills, and social and emotional skills. Students will be equipped for successful performance in the workplace and acquire the skills to cultivate meaningful and healthy relationships.

Specialty Majors: Initially, Shepherds College will offer two areas of study, culinary arts and horticulture. Culinary Arts majors will learn competencies in a wide variety of food service occupations from fast food to catering. Course work will include culinary skills, institutional cooking, fast food, sanitation and nutrition. Those who have a green thumb may enroll in the Horticulture major. Students will learn floral design, landscaping, nursery and garden operations, equipment maintenance, green house plant production and work safety precautions. Appropriate learning experiences will prepare graduates for real work in jobs that make a difference.

Practicum: Practicing what you learn in a real-life setting is critical to successful performance. Students will be able to try out new skills in a safe and supportive environment. There are always stumbles on the path to success, and students will find the practicum experience helpful in refining and developing their work and life skills.