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Sharing A Heritage of Godly Living With Our Grandchildren 

By Dennis and Linda Lamphere


(Editorís note: Grandpa and Grandma are Dennis and Linda Lamphere, Sherry Bushnellís parents. They have graciously chosen to spend their golden years serving the Lord and their family through NATHHAN / CHASK)    


    As grandparents, we have a wonderful opportunity to impact the lives of our grandchildren for the better. Can we share with you some of the things the Lord has been showing us lately?

     First, it is never too late to implement change for the better in our lives. We should also remember that it is never too late for the Lord to work in the hearts of our children, grandchildren and in us.

     In acknowledging our circumstances, we can accept where we are at, admit our faults and ask for Godís help.

     If we need to change our attitude, actions or responses to others, relax. Take time to pray daily. Repent and worship. It is very refreshing, spiritually.

     In the same way, by example, letís teach our children and grandchildren to call on the name of the Lord for help.

     By example, teach work before play. Teach them to earn, tithe, save, spend and be thankful for what they have. Much of our lives are made up of work. If we are obviously enjoying it, as unto the Lord, they will too.

     Teach the practice of volunteering. It is an attitude of the heart. Are you ready to help without grudgingly agreeing to do so? Our children and grandchildren will be just like us in many ways.

     Teach them to pray that the Lord would use them today. Having a servantís heart, look for Divine appointments that the Lord has set up.

     Letís remember to pray with our children or grandchildren. Growing children of gracious character, being humble in heart is not easy. But it helps to look at the long range view. Your children will raise your grandchildren or even great-grandchildren. Love them equally, but treat them all uniquely.

     Sometimes we take too much for granted. There are sacrifices made for us by others (dad, mom, brothers, sisters, grandparents, friends, neighbors, employers, church leaders, and public servants.) In appreciating others, we are letting them know that we are aware of their contribution to our lives.

     Encourage the acceptance of cross cultural styles different from our own, within godly living. Girls are treated differently than boys. Donít be narrow minded or critical of anyone different than ourselves.

     Donít be afraid to impose boundaries in your home that are consistent with your convictions.

     For instance, we do not allow TV, videos, sit-coms, etc. that teach disrespect, destroying, killing. We donít say ďshut-upĒ, ďstupidĒ or other degrading comments. Setting limits sets an example of godliness that our children may more bravely follow in a culture that knows no limits.

     We hope that in sharing our hearts, the Lord will minister to your household in some way.