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Meet out precious daughter, Miranda.

Our names are Peter and Corrie Van den Berg. We live in Picture Butte, Alberta, Canada.

Miranda is our youngest daughter (through adoption). She was born November 1, 2002. In addition, still at home, we have brother Michael 22, and sister Shannon who is 17. Our two oldest girls are married. Lenora and her husband, Johan have two adopted children. Yolanda and Gary have 5 biological children. That makes 7 grandchildren for us!!

Miranda is born with Omo-dysplasia. It is a severe form of dwarfism. It is very rare. We have found 3 more with the same condition (short humerus bone and upper radial-ulnar diastasis.) She also has a heart condition, but hopefully doesn’t need an operation. She sure throws up an awful lot...but we can live with that! They say it gets better.

Our family would love to be in contact with other Christian families who are dealing with dwarfism. Do you know of a Christian family that would be willing to correspond with us? We understand that Miranda’s form of dwarfism is different than most, but there are similarities we can relate to. We do have a multitude of sources for information of dwarfism, but it would be so precious to correspond with fellow brothers and sisters in the Lord.

Our address is:

Peter and Corrie Van Den Berg

P.O. Box 423

Picture Butte, AB Canada T0K 1V0


    She has other issues too such as allergies, eczema, emotional problems and really poor sleeping. However, as we have experienced, nothing is going to stop her from having fun climbing and yes, even walking now. She is so much fun! She only talks Dutch yet, but is rapidly going to be bi-lingual, speaking English too. Miranda loves books and music. She is our whole life. I could go on and on about her. She is a real blessing and has touched many hearts. Also, Miranda’s birth mom has changed through this all. Some people say that she is so lucky to be raised in a Christian home. Yes, this is true, but we say WE are the lucky ones to have been blessed with Miranda in our family.