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Just for Mothers

By Sherry Bushnell (with Nancy Campbellís help!)

Mommy, you are the heart of the home. Without you, your home would crumble. Just think of a heart, tucked away inside a body where it canít be seen, working steadily. It may be hidden, but is the most important part of the body! If it stops beating, the body is finished. So it is with mothers.

If our mother heart stops beating within our home, the home will fall apart. God designed our families to be ordered from right inside, the very center of our homes. We cannot be on the periphery, running constantly, being a taxi, constantly on the go. If we are not home, our heart cannot be there to build it up.

Sometimes, mother, you may feel as though you are hidden away and not accomplishing very much. Trust the Lord. You are exactly where you are supposed to be, caring and building up your home. You are accomplishing great things although you may not see progress everyday.

Your hidden work in the home will have greater importance than if you were to leave the home to fulfill a so-called important career.

The hard part comes for us when we face others who see our staying home as a condemnation against what they hold important (career). Can we uphold a standard of sweet forgiveness and understanding for where God has us in relation to where God has them?

Just think of Noah. For 100 years he did the same old thing - hammered, nailed and kept building that ark. He was dedicated and focused on what he knew God wanted him to do. He slogged away, day after day - and in doing so he condemned the world. In fact, he changed the world because he stuck with the job he had been given to do! While others watched he was ridiculed and even persecuted, but he was the only one who saved his family!

Isnít it amazing that our daily faithfulness in the home will have its impact on earth, and also for eternity? You can change the world with your faithfulness!

You are mothering precious souls that will live forever. What is your testimony? You will not be sorry when this life is over. There is more to life than the here and now. What about eternity?

Consider yourself a missionary. When you feel as though you are not able to serve the Lord because you are so busy looking after children, be reminded that you already have a mission field. Itís right in front of your eyes.

It is hard work, training and shaping God's precious arrows to be fruitful for service for Him. Special needs children are no exception, in fact, they have a doubly special job to do, because God has made them different and sometimes they stick out in a crowd! Our best tool is our example.

We want:

Children who love God.

Children who are obedient and know how to take orders and correction.

Children who fear the Lord.

Children who are known for truth, integrity.

Children who will keep away from evil.

Children who have a contented spirit.

Children who have learned to wait.

Children who have a thankful, humble heart.

Children who know how to trust God.

Children who respect elders.

Children who know how to work.

Children who have learned to serve.

Children who know how to endure.

Children who honor the blood of Jesus.

Children who are filled with compassion.

    Portions of this article are taken from

    The Power of Motherhood by Nancy Campbell