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Individual Education Planning Manual

For The Homeschooled - Special Seeds Student



The IEP Manual

By Jim and Debby Mills


Purchase the IEP Manual

 Take the hassle out of creating your IEP's!

 Professional looking IEP's specific to the needs of your student are now a snap! This IEP planner is made specifically for the special needs student. Very easy to use!


  Menu of IEP goals. - Chronological age-appropriate activities for students with challenges offers a great menu of different ideas.


 "Spring board" for ideas. - To function as a resource for designing adapting , and validating skill requirements.


 Listing of professional terms - Terms that the professionals use and what they mean to us on an ordinary level.

Such as "fine motor skill" = "folding socks".


And much, much more!


200 Pages - Printed on high quality paper with a

durable heavy paper cover.


Read the IEP's made easy article by Debby Mills