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Buying and Selling Homeschooling Resources

Looking to buy used curriculum?

A popular place to start is You can post things for sale and items you want to buy. You can look up items by subject, curriculum name, by grade and more. You are buying from individual families selling things, not a company. Some folks do have paypal accounts, some accept personal checks or money orders.


Here are some handy tips to remember:

When making an offer, remember to include PPD (postage paid) price. This is much easier that way and saves times later. You don’t have to keep e-mailing the person and then have the item sold out from under you because your bargaining time took so long! Make sure you keep you e-mail records. There is a rating system on sellers and buyers.


Posting Items for Sale?

It is very helpful for those of us who are looking for books to know that the edition and year are. What is the condition and the price that includes postage. Most people send stuff via Media Mail, which is cheapest. Be aware, though, it also takes the longest.

Get delivery confirmation and insurance. It only adds about $1 or $2 to your purchase price, but is worth it…


Buying used materials is a great alternative to buying brand new. You can often find items for 1/2 price or less. Don’t be afraid to make an offer…. Remember all they can do is say no OR come back with a different price.