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Some of our favorite books for encouragement, inspiration and ideas.



CHASK - Christian Homes And Special Kids





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Warmly penned, practical resources, written by homeschooling parents. 


Here are mom and dads, just like you,  living Christian lives, and raising their special needs child for the Lord! 


CHASK is packed full of tips, stories and advice from families that have been there.

  Compiled and edited by Sherry Bushnell and Diane Ryckman

God's Special child





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The authors. Donna and Ellis Adee, have had 27 years of experience raising a son with special need. This is his story. To update their information they interviewed 30 parents who are currently raising and educating children with special needs.

  Several of Donnas article's dealing with special needs children have been published in NATHHAN magazine and the Prader-Will Syndrome newsletter.  Parents of special needs children will appreciate the many practical ideas for dealing without neglecting their own needs, or those of normal children.