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~Summer 1994 Volume 2 No. 4 (32 pages) Our Deaf Education issue!~

    Helping Hannah: Our Search for Answers by Sharon Grimes

    Cued Speech....An Informative Report , "I will talk like you, Chris!"

        by Rhonda Robinson

    The Deaf Way—A Personal View by Gail Everett

    Resources for Teaching the Deaf or Hearing Impaired

    Homeschooling My Deaf Child by Patricia Cragen


~Fall 1994 Volume 3 No. 1 (48 pages) Our Learning Disability Issue!~

    How to Handle Visits from the Social Worker by National Center for Home Education   

    Real Life Math by Letz Farmer and What’s In a Label? by Joyce Herzog Auditory

    Processing How-to’s and Ritalin Riddle by Tom and Sherry Bushnell 9; - Custom Fitting a Program for the Learning Disabled Child by Tom and Sherry Bushnell

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~Winter 1994\95 Volume 3 No. 2 (56 pages) Blind\ Cerebral Palsy\ Multi-handicapped Issue ~

    Active Learning Environments (including how to make one),

    Homeschooling Children with AIDS by Peggy Marengo,

    A Time to Weep and A Time to Laugh: A review of the book by Lisa Saunders

    Conductive Education, 

    LOTS of resources for multi-handi-capped and blind\visually impaired            



~Spring 1995 Volume 3 No. 3 (56 pages) Down Syndrome Issue~

A Lesson FROM Potty Training by Joyce Herzog -  Simplifying the Writing Process by Philip McInnis

 I.E.P.’s made Easy by Debbie Mills - Pre-School and the Child with Down Syndrome by Kathy Salars,

An Open Letter to a Mother and her student with Down Syndrome by Letz Farmer

Reflections of a Father: Jordan and I by Tom Bushnell , Plus LOTS of letters from families homeschooling children with Down Syndrome.


~Summer 1995 Volume 3 No. 4 (56 pages) Spina bifida, Nutrition, and Seizures Issue~

Spina Bifida , Epilepsy, seizures, Letters from families

Nutrition for Special Children by Donna Spann, Biblical Principles for Healthy Eating by Jeff Barth

The Ketogenic Diet; letters and stories from families, Teaching the Reluctant Learner by Teri Spray

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~Fall 1995 Volume 4 No. 1 (64 pages)~

The Christian Home and ADHD Learning Disabilities Mild to Severe, The Biblical Alternative to Medication.


~Winter 1995\1996 Vol. 4 No. 2 (64 pages) Autism ~

Letters and articles from families, Lovingly Guiding Their Footsteps, Child training, Shepherd Boy , How to Handle Visits From a Social Services Agent—revised.


~Spring 1996 Vol. 4 No. 3 (64 pages) Blindness~

Letters from families, Lots of resources, Discovering the Child Within—Augmentative Communication, Erasing the Lines that Limit our Children


~Fall 1996 Vol. 5 No.1 (72 pages) High School Planning and Beyond: Special Needs Homeschoolers~

 Job Wanted: Faithful Employee for Hire, Simply Self-Controlled Special Needs Children, Teaching Several Children at the Same Time: How we’re doing it!


~Winter 1996- 97 Vol. 5 No. 2 (64 pages) Communication~

 Total Communication, In Everything Give Thanks by Bonita Boyce, On Line Adoptions, Touching The Heart Of Your Child, Principles of Changing Behavior by Joyce Herzog.

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~Spring 1997 Vol. 5 No. 3 (64 pages) Physical and Occupational Therapy~

Tax Funded Infant Stimulation Programs? Therapeutic Riding, Occupational Therapy, A Physical Therapist Shares her Story, Rewards and Motivation, How to Hire a Professional


~Summer 1997 Vol. 5. No 4 (56 pages) Character Development~

 NATHHAN's building project, and Celebrate The Family 1997, Disabled Children Need 2 Peter 1:4-8 Too!; "So, Why Do You Homeschool?", Putting Together An I.E.P., Ideal Education Program, Is Your Child Properly Socialized?, Healthy Eating


~Fall 1997 Vol. 6 No 1 (56 pages)~

MATH (Before it begins), 8 Ways to Avoid Trouble with Medical and Educational Professionals, Super Parents or By God's Grace by Tom and Sherry Bushnell, Time Wasters! by Mary Carney, To Push or Pamper by Donna Adee,


~Winter 1997/98 Vol. 6 No. 2 (56 pages)~

PHONICS or Whole Word Approach, Grieving God’s Way By Tom and Sherry Bushnell, Grace Children’s Orphanage, Sensory Mixtures,


~Spring 1998 Vol. 6 No. 3 (56 pages) Testing and General Homeschooling Resources for Special Needs~

 Better Behavior By Bonnie Klein,  Painting, Visit NATHHAN’s Parent Learning Center in WA.


~Summer 1998 Vol. 6 No. 4 (56 pages) ~

PECS: The Picture Exchange Communication System, What is Munchausen Syndrome by Proxy? How Does it Affect Me? Ice, Chalk and other Fun Stuff, Faithful Servant or Shackled Slave, Meet the Mills Family.

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~Fall 1998 Vol. 7 No. 1 (56 pages)~

Mainstreaming and How to Design a Special Education Course for High School Credit by Deborah M.K. Mills, Totally Teachable by Tom and Sherry Bushnell, The Making of Our Family by Julie O’Brien


~Winter 1998-99 Vol. 7 No. 2 (56 pages)~

Experience Learning at Home by Tom and Sherry Bushnell, A Chosen Generation by Valerie Cronin, Hints for Mothers of Many Children by Tom and Sherry Bushnell, The Auditory-Tactile Corner, Teaching the Basics (Like drawing an X, turning pages and learning to remember information.


~Spring 1999 Vol. 7 No. 3 (48 pages) Language and Communication Issue~

Keeping Joy in Our Teaching by Sharon Hensley, Do You Understand? by Tom and Sherry Bushnell

Long List of up-dated Favorite Resources, Healthy Recipes for Children Who Need Encouragement to Eat by Tom and Sherry Bushnell.


~Summer 1999 Vol. 7. No. 4 (56 pages)~

The Curriculum Dilemma, PLUS lots of Resources by Tom and Sherry Bushnell, Special Needs Support Groups, Morning Star Ministries: Adoption Story of the LaRocca Family, Extra Biblical Mandates by Tom and Sherry Bushnell, I'll Make My Own Curriculum! by Tom and Sherry Bushnell

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~Fall 1999 Vol. 8 No. 1 (56 pages)~

Lots of Letters From Families, Mommy's Musing - Pleasing Our Own Husbands, Deuteronomy Dads and Pharasitical Fathers; Friendship Ministries, Joy Chapel,


~Winter 99/2000 Vol. 8 No. 2 (56 pages)~

Building a Winning Heart, Topics We need to Discuss( Vaccinations, Government Assistance, Group Home living.) Good Advice on Nutrition, Chores and Special Needs Children by Diane Ryckman and The Reluctant Learner by Sharon Hensley


~Spring 2000 Vol 8. No. 3 (56 pages)~

 Working Together In The Home by Diane Ryckman, Anger Management In The Home, Harboring Hope- The Testimony of A doomed Pregnancy by Kim Rudolph


~Summer 2000 Vol. 8 No. 4 (56 pages)~

Getting Started Homeschooling or Keeping Things Interesting, Bi Polar by Deborah Miracle, We’re So Busy Learning We Forgot To Do School by Tom and Sherry Bushnell, How Not To Loose Your Grip By Kay Brown


~Fall 2000 Vol. 9 No. 1 (56 pages) Sensory Integration issue~

 Socialization Begins With Hospitality In The Home by Sherry Bushnell, Is Your Child Truant? by Debbie Mills, Sensory Integration, Homeschoolers’ Best Kept Secret by Karla Akins.


~Winter 2000/2001 Volume 9 No. 2 (56 pages) Our NEW Adoption Issue~

 The Winning of Little Lynny - A story of How God Turned a Brutal tragedy Into Glory for His Name by the Bushnells, Our Adoption Story by Linda Dillon, Honor Your Father and Mother by Elaine Hays, Lines to Letters - Early Handwriting Skills, Computer ‘Aides" For the Homeschool by Sharon Hensley,

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