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The Importance of Age-Integrated Socialization for Special Needs Children

    Socialization is the reason we homeschool our children. This includes our special needs children. Do you want your developmentally delayed youngster mirroring the behavior of which the public school special educations classrooms are full? Do you want something different? Age-integrated socialization is what homeschoolers of special needs children strive to teach.

    When our children grow up, will they be surrounded with children their own age? No, they will need to relate to people of all ages such as the elderly neighbor, the young teenage girl come to help mom for the day, the middle-aged grocer, sporty Uncle Ted, and quiet, graceful Grandma come for a visit. Our children need skills that help them relate to their world, not the fake world of institutional life.

    So, when someone challenges you on this issue, calmly state, smiling sweetly, "Socialization? Of course we are covering this important area. Haven't you heard of age-integrated socialization instead of peer dependence?"