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A Blessed Beginning

What we are doing and how you can help!


We are using NATHHAN / CHASK’s single wide trailer* to set up a pregnancy resource center.

We need to understand how to minister to birth moms and this has led us to actually going through the process of setting up a crisis pregnancy center. All of this is in preparation for next year’s project of putting together a curriculum that will teach crisis pregnancy care workers how to meet the needs of parents in an adverse prenatal diagnosis situation. Ministering one-on-one to birth moms will teach us how to teach others. So, as we are learning how to share with birth moms, here is another opportunity for you to help us help the unborn and their mommies.

We are requesting donations for the following:
    •New or like-new newborn baby clothing, and newborn diapers.
    •Posters or pictures dealing with child birth (like the kind has) to put up on the walls.
    •Models of the fetus in different stages.
    • Ordinary books, DVD’s or videos on child-birth and raising children. Mother friendly cook-books, and books on nursing
    •Supplies for new mommy / baby gift baskets:
        Blue chux pads,
        Bulb syringe
        New cotton baby blankets for birth
        Newborn baby sleepers
        KY Jelly
        Baby powder
        Cotton baby hats
        Baby lotion, soap, oil
        Paper covered, flexible straws
        Peri– irrigation bottle
        Burp pads, cotton
        Bibs for baby
        Massage oil for mom and baby
        Emergen-C packets
        Baby foot printer kits

    • Other items new moms find helpful:
        Cloth shoulder slings for baby
        Newborn baby front packs
        Nursing supplies
        Newborn— 3 month age baby toys
        Gifts for siblings (small items, child safe, can fit in a basket without taking up too much room…)
    •Baskets to put the gifts to new mom in, should be new or nearly new.
    •New cotton baby blankets to line birth gift baskets.
    •Cards and Envelopes appropriate for gift baskets
    • Rice bags or socks
    • Nice mugs, with raspberry leaf tea
    • Healing, comforting kinds of herbal baths
    • CD of lullaby songs for baby and mom. Prefer Christian messages.

    If you have set up a Pregnancy Care Center and have some words of wisdom for us, we would be very grateful. We are contacting Focus On The Family and other resources, too.
We have passed our zoning restrictions and have our non-profit status through NATHHAN /CHASK.
Most of all, we ask for your prayers for this busy time. Please pray that in God’s timing, birth moms would come and choose life through the love of Christ shown to them, though you.

Please call for our UPS address.


(*Editor's Note= The Lord had been gracious to A Blessed Beginning so that we have outgrown our trailer! We now rent an office space in town which makes us more accessible to those in need and to also have a little wiggle room!)