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A Blessed Beginning - How you can help


    We have enjoyed a summer of getting to know birth moms.

Just this week we have made the decision to move to a much closer building nearer the high school. We have rented an room from a local chiropractor in a perfect location.
Along with free pregnancy testing and counseling, we offer fertility awareness and childbirth education for moms feeling overwhelmed with the idea of pregnancy, or who just want to learn more about birth.

Now we are working harder than ever to think of avenues in our rural community to find birth moms before they choose termination.
A HUGE thank you to all of you who sent baby clothes and items to be used. What a blessing they have been. If you could have only seen the face of the young mom who had no girl clothes (and she had just found out she is having a girl when they thought for sure it was a boy) as she looked through the box of nice baby clothes and chose a few items.
The gift baskets for moms and babies went very fast. We are looking at putting together some more.

Some of the things we could use for these gifts baskets are:

Baby Care items


New cotton baby blankets for birth

Newborn baby sleepers

KY Jelly

Cotton baby hats

        Other items new moms find helpful:

New or like-new maternity clothing

Cloth shoulder slings for baby,

Newborn baby front packs

Nursing supplies

Newborn— 3 month age baby toys

    As we are setting up our new office in town, we are needing some extra help getting it ready. We are looking for donations for furniture, childbirth teaching aids, up-to-date books on pregnancy, labor, babies and birth, nutrition ….coping with teen pregnancy and DVDs on pregnancy and birth for the girls to borrow. Our plan is to re-carpet, and furnish the room to be comfortable and usable by the beginning of the year.
We will be keeping things low-cost and easy on the budget.
It is wonderful to have the Lord setting this ministry up. We trust that He will continue to put together A Blessed Beginning and it will always glorify His name.
We welcome your kind donations. With your help, we can create a special place for mothers-to-be in crisis and minister Christ’s love and message of salvation at the same time. Please consider being a part of this heart-warming project.

Our UPS Address:
A Blessed Beginning / CHASK
672 Meadow Creek Rd
Bonner’s Ferry, ID 83805